Friday, February 27, 2009

Starpoint gifts

Most of u probabilly know this but

to unlock starpoint gifts...
1. go to your suite Ctrl and N a new window will pop up!
3. log out the new window,but dont close it
4. go to the first window go to your minishop and click starpoint!
5. go back to the 2nd window!
6. logg in
7. there you should have them all unlocked!!!!!!

But u can't buy them


  1. It didn't work, you know when you are meant to sign out of window to....sign out of what? Google? =L

  2. doesnt work, first, idk wat 2 sign out of, so i went 2 stardoll and signed out of that, and then on my 1st window, by the suite shop, i went blank.